Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hello world it's been a minute, been busy. So lets just get to it. I have a new job at J.O. Johnson High school and the more I work around my students I see such a desire to be average. To simply settle for less and not live up to their potential. Now don't get me wrong we all need a push sometime but to see the lack of motivation or the desire to do absolutely nothing is puzzling. I remember a time when parents wanted their kids to do better than they have in the past. Now I see parents having the same mentality as their children which is not a good thing. We as adults have to be an example and to be that push in our children's lives and not allow them to simply SETTLE FOR LESS!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

No Resolutions

Happy New Year!!!! Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Year. Year after year we as people come up with these resolutions that we say that we are going keep. Only to break them two weeks into January. So this year I say just "shut up" and do it. Be it, stop smoking, join a gym, stop cussing to name a few, just do it. Stick to your guns and be disciplined in whatever you choose to do or don't do. Be safe, and be blessed and no matter what stay on your grind!!!!
Two fingers!!!